October 20, 2022

Catch These 4 Iconic World Sporting Events on Your Round the World Trip

World sporting events are a great excuse to travel, and not only that, they’re a chance to visit a country that you mightn’t have considered before. Being a spectator is a completely different experience from just watching the game in the comfort of your home: the sounds, the emotion of the crowd, the excitement of being amongst it.

Being at a major live sporting event is a bucket list item for so many of us. Turning a sporting match into a round the world trip is a great way to create an unforgettable experience. There are so many advantages to a RTW trip – you’ll be able to see more than one country, and it is usually more economical when flying to multiple destinations to bundle flights.


Booking with a sporting event in mind takes great planning. Whilst it’s not always necessary to book a trip months in advance, it’s much more favourable for most sporting events to book earlier rather than later. For events like the Rugby World Cup, you can book 11 months in advance. It’s a great way to start planning your trip itinerary early and gives you the chance to make the most of your trip, ensuring you get the flights and accommodation you prefer.

If you’re seeing your favourite team play, why not make it a round the world trip? You’re already taking the time to travel. Check out our airfare deals so you can make the most of your time abroad.

Key Sporting Events Around the World Throughout the Year  

If you’ve got a favourite team, you’ll already know when they’re playing. For those who don’t but still want to be a part of the incredible atmosphere of a sporting event or game, we’ve listed some events that would fit in perfectly with your round the world trip.

NBA Finals – USA

NBA FInals

The NBA finals are an awesome big-ticket game to be a part of and watch. Whilst the excitement levels are the same, the location of the final changes according to who finishes at the top. The USA is full of life and has an endless list of tourist attractions and monuments to visit and see. Fly economy class from $1911.00. Starting in Australia, then to Bangkok, Athens, New York and home.

Superbowl – USA

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is an iconic sporting event and one that has one of the highest viewer numbers in the world, so imagine being there!

Along with the game itself, you’ll watch the incredible Super Bowl halftime show jam-packed with celebrity performers. It’s the perfect sporting event to plan around. In 2023, it will be held in Glendale, Arizona and in 2024, for the first time, it will be located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The Super Bowl is huge in America, and families and friends have the whole week centred around it. It’s in February each year, so it makes planning a breeze. For those who are seriously considering heading over for the 2024 Super Bowl, check out some ways to arrive at Las Vegas in style.

Rugby World Cup – Varies

Rugby World Cup

Changing destinations each time, the Rugby World Cup is an event worth following. Next year in 2023, it will be located in Saint Dennis, France. The match will be held at Stade de France stadium, which has a capacity of up to 80,023.

Take your trip to the Rugby World Cup in style with a round the world trip in business class from $6938.00. Starting in Australia to L.A, Cancun, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. 

ICC World Cup – India 2023

The ICC World Cup will be held in 2023 in India and is a must-see world event. This cricket-crazed country is already an experience of a lifetime, but visiting during October 2023 would be unforgettable. Experience the constant bustle of India with incredible food and, of course, world-renowned tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal.

Extra Tips When Booking your Trip

Booking a trip during or near a significant sporting event can be overwhelming for some. The Geeks here have put together a few additional tips to help with a stress-free time abroad.

Book Your Accommodation Near the Event

There is nothing worse than booking accommodation, only realising later that you’re miles away from where you need to be. When booking accommodation, try to book as close as possible to the event or in a location where you are comfortable getting to and from the event.


You want to consider how you’ll get to the event and return to your accommodation. With large-scale sporting events, everything will be busy, so it’s much easier to plan in advance and even book transport if necessary.

Consider the Weather

The weather and location of the event will change what you’re planning on wearing and what you’ll bring. If you’re planning on walking to and from, comfortable shoes are essential. Look at the weather report before and close to the event. Will you need to pack a rain jacket? Are you better off layering up or just taking one jumper? If the event is located inside, remember it can get quite warm in stadiums, so layering pieces to warm up or cool down is a great solution.

Planning is key if you’re considering a trip – whether it’s near or far in the future. Let the team at Airfare Geeks help you decide which travel route is best for you. Our support will be there from when you enquire until you arrive home. Get in touch with one of our specialised travel agents and book your round the world trip today.

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