March 1, 2023

Consider Qantas RTW Flights with the New Green Tier

If you’ve been looking to book Qantas RTW flights, then you may have heard the buzz surrounding updates to the Frequent Flyer point system. Qantas Green Tier is the latest addition. If you’re the kind of person that wants to make an environmentally friendly choice when travelling, this option might be for you.

Over the recent years, with the spotlight on climate change and the overall shift to sustainability, even airlines have had to make the move towards a greener future. Airfare Geeks, your specialised travel agency, has put together everything you need to know about the new tier and how it can help you make the greener choice when travelling to our top destinations in 2023 – is it worth it?

Qantas RTW Flights and the Green Tier

Qantas’s Green Tier is another pillar that sits within its loyalty program and is all about sustainability. The Green Tier exists to reward the sustainability efforts of their customers while at home, in flight and during their time abroad. This is Qantas’ way of encouraging and reinforcing the sustainability efforts of the company and their customers.

What’s The Aim?

In addition to the newest tier, Qantas has created and uses other measures to ensure the shift to a greener future. Qantas has been dedicated to offsetting carbon for over a decade, with their carbon-neutral offsetting program being one of the largest of any airline. The overall goal of the Green Tier program is to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050. In addition to this program, Qantas is looking to increase its sustainability efforts by participating in the following.

  • Develop and use sustainable aviation fuel to achieve net zero carbons emissions by 2050
  • Waste elimination: Qantas aims to use zero single-use plastic by 2027 and have zero general waste (excluding quarantine waste) to landfills by 2030
  • Carbon offsetting: Qantas has already made the efforts to offset their carbon and now gives the option for customers to select flights that take advantage of this

How Can You Achieve Green Tier?

Like flying and travelling, when working towards points as a frequent flyer, you have to meet certain standards and then repeat these in the following year to retain your status. If you’re a Frequent Flyer, you’re eligible for Green Tier status when you complete five of the following six activities.

1.   Offset Your Flying

When selecting flights, those choosing to offset their carbon contribute to achieving the Green Tier. Alternatively, you can choose to contribute to support sustainable aviation fuel.

2.   Travel Sustainably

Those who choose to book accommodation by staying in selected ‘eco hotels’.

3.   Live Sustainably

Qantas supports the efforts of those who purchase carbon offsets via Qantas for either their home or car, or choose to purchase and install solar panels for their home.

4.   Choose Sustainability

When purchasing wine, choose to buy ‘sustainable’ sips from Qantas wine or offset your Qantas wine delivery or Qantas store delivery from as low as $1.

5.   Grow Your Knowledge

Complete an ‘impact quiz’ on the Qantas Wellbeing app.

6.   Give Back

Customers can make a monetary contribution to a sustainability project or organisation.

How Does It Affect Your Frequent Flyer Status?

Having a Green Tier status sits alongside your Frequent Flyer status doesn’t affect or in any way take away from your Frequent Flyer points or status.

Green Tier Benefits

Similar to other rewards programs such as One World, the Green Tier offers incentives and benefits. Listed below are the following benefits that Green Tier status members will receive.

1.   Digital Recognition

You’ll receive a Green Tier digital Frequent Flyer card, along with an exclusive green edition icon to showcase your sustainability efforts.

2.   Exclusive Events

Be invited and have the chance to be a part of exclusive sustainability events and experiences.

3.   Green Bonus

You can earn bonus points on sustainable products and experiences through Qantas hotels and wine.

4.   Choose A Bonus Reward

Pick between 10,000 Qantas points, 50 status credits or for Qantas to offset an additional 3 tonnes of carbon on your behalf.

How Does It Stack Up Against Other Airlines?

With the program only being rolled out in February of 2023, it’s unlike any traditional rewards program – it’s more customer and environment-focused. Currently, Etihad Airways have rolled out the Conscious Choices program.

This includes similar benchmarks that customers have to meet. These benchmarks are somewhat the same as the Green Tier, and these include offsetting your flights, packing light, using their app and choosing to fly on their modern aircraft. Although the benchmarks are similar, the Green Tier is a much more rewarding program for customers.

Is It Worth It?

For those interested in their overall environmental contribution, yes, absolutely. While these incentives can come with a monetary and time cost, they contribute positively to the environment. Not only this, but it also is an incentive to invest in using solar power and being greener with your energy output.

In addition to this, the green tier is a great way to get customers to explore eco-friendly hotels that are potentially in locations that you mightn’t have thought to stay in previously.

Check Airfare Deals

However, the rewards that are given back are minimal compared to your regular Frequent Flyer programs. There is a lot of debate centred around whether zero carbon emissions are effective. While this debate is one that could be argued extensively, Qantas is still taking strides in the right direction to combat climate change and be purposeful in its output.

Final Thoughts

We’re all for doing what we can to help support sustainability causes, whether you are taking Qantas RTW flights or staying home. It’s fantastic to see airlines making the shift to environmentally-centred decisions.

Airfare Geeks are your specialised travel agents, here to make booking your round the world trip stress-free and easy. So if you’re considering booking a RTW trip, get in touch with our team.

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