Qantas – Economy class from $2345

Please note that due to Covid-19, some routes, routing options, cabin options and pricing have been affected and may not be up to date on this page.

Stop-Over Options

Up to two stops in North or South America Up to two stops in Europe Up to two stops in Asia/Middle East *See Qantas page for further details and conditions


The price of $2345.00 is based on stopovers in NYC, London & Dubai. There is a huge list of other permitted destinations in Europe, North America, South America and Asia

Cabin Classes

Available in Economy, Business Class

About This Deal

Economy Class from $2481.00 – Australia to NYC with Qantas, NYC to London with British Airways, London to Singapore with Qantas and Dubai to Australia with Qantas.
Full service fantastic quality airline and all flights operated by oneworld airlines


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