March 9, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the Singapore VTL Entry Rules

Last year, Singapore launched Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights from Australia and several other countries. Under this agreement, fully vaccinated Singaporeans, permanent residents, and foreign passport holders could enter the country on designated VTL flights.

Since then, Singapore has modified the rules and added several other countries to its VTL scheme. Below, we’ve outlined the current requirements to enter Singapore on a VTL flight from Australia.

What is the VTL?

Simply put, the VTL allows certain people from a list of approved countries to enter Singapore (provided that they meet eligibility criteria). To do so, they must arrive on a designated VTL flight, which are offered by a small number of airlines.

Travellers coming from Australia have been permitted to come to Singapore on VTL flights since November 2021. Currently, there are a handful of carriers operating VTL flights from Australia to Singapore, including Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Qantas, Scoot, and Singapore Airlines.

However, the VTL’s necessity may be short-lived. In a recent announcement, Singapore’s Health Minister Ong Ye Kung noted that the need is changing: “Instead of having vaccinated travel lanes with selected countries that we think are low risk, we should actually allow (quarantine-free) travel for vaccinated travellers or fully-vaccinated travellers, from all countries.” The focus will avert from quarantine and testing and instead ensure that all travellers are vaccinated and boosted. 

There are no set deadlines as to when the updated regulations will come into play, so, for the time being, find everything you need to know before travelling below.

VTL eligibility requirements

In order to enter Singapore through the VTL, there are a few eligibility requirements that you’ll need to meet. These rules went into effect on February 21 and can change at any time, so it’s wise to consult with a travel agent before booking a flight.

Arrive on a VTL flight

For starters, you’ll need to travel to the country by air on a VTL-designed flight. When travelling from Australia, you’ll need to book through one of the airlines listed above.

Take out travel insurance

As a visitor, you’re required to purchase a travel insurance policy with at least S$30,000 in coverage. It must cover COVID-19-related medical costs and be taken out before you arrive.

Be fully vaccinated

You’ll also need to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before you arrive. By the Singaporean government’s definition, that includes two doses of a WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL) vaccine (such as AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Pfizer).

Test negative for COVID-19

Next, you’ll need a negative COVID-19 test before you leave for Singapore. Your test should be taken within the two days before your flight departs.

If you are simply transiting through Changi Airport, there is no requirement for a pre-departure test (although your airline may require this). 

Apply for a VTP

If you’re a short-term visitor or work permit holder, you’ll need to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) before you land at Changi Airport. Citizens and permanent residents do not need a VTP. 

You’ll need to provide some basic pieces of information to get your VTP, including your passport details and proof of vaccination. If you were vaccinated in Australia, you should use your International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate as proof. At this point, you’ll also need to confirm that you haven’t travelled to any non-VTL countries in the seven days prior to your arrival in Singapore.

Get tested after you arrive

Previously, a PCR test was required on arrival. As of February 22, any travellers must undergo a supervised self-swab within 24 hours (only at a recognised testing facility). 

Download the contact tracing app

When visiting Singapore, you’re required to download the TraceTogether app or obtain a TraceTogether token. These tools help with contact tracing should you contract COVID-19 or interact with someone who has the virus.

Altogether, these requirements may seem intimidating – which is where a travel agent can help. If you choose Airfare Geeks as your specialty travel agency, we can help you organise all of your documents for a seamless entry into Singapore. 

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