February 7, 2022

How to Travel to France and Get a COVID-19 Health Pass

In the age of COVID-19, it can be tricky to keep up with varying entry requirements around the world. Some countries require a negative test prior to departure, while others require you to be fully vaccinated and boosted. And in some places, like France, there are even more stringent rules after you arrive.

In France, the government has recently passed a law requiring citizens and tourists to hold a valid vaccine pass in order to visit restaurants, bars, theme parks, use long-distance transportation, and more. Below, find the latest information about France’s vaccine pass, including how much they cost and how to get one.

What’s changed?

Previously, anyone over the age of 12 was required to present a health pass (pass sanitaire) to attend many public places, such as shops, eateries, and cinemas. To qualify for a health pass, a person must have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from the virus, or recently tested negative. 

However, starting on 24 January 2022, France’s health pass was replaced by the vaccine pass (pass vaccinal). Under this system, people over the age of 16 will need to be fully vaccinated to visit the places listed above. After this point, negative COVID-19 tests will no longer be accepted for entry. 

For residents over the age of 18, booster shots are required to keep the vaccine pass active. Tourists aged 18 and up will also need to have a booster or return a negative test, whereas children can use a negative test result if they aren’t yet fully vaccinated.

Where to get a vaccine pass

If you have been vaccinated in Australia (or another place outside of Europe), you’ll need to convert your Aussie vaccine certificate into a vaccine pass. You can do this when you arrive in France – just bring your certificate and passport to a participating pharmacy. The fee for the conversion is €36 (about AUD$56). 

From there, upload your pass into the French government’s check-in app (called TousAntiCovid) or take a photo to create a digital copy.

Other entry requirements

Travelling to France from Australia? In addition to getting a vaccine pass, there are a few other conditions you’ll need to meet. For starters, you need to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of arrival. You will also need to sign a declaration that you haven’t had any COVID-19 symptoms or contact with a confirmed case.

In France, like many other countries around the world, pandemic laws and regulations are constantly changing. If you’re travelling, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest updates to make sure that you can cross the border and travel around freely.

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