Miles and Points

There are so many loyalty programs out there and they all have their pros and cons. In many circumstances there are much better programs to credit your flown miles to than just Qantas Frequent Flyer or Velocity, though of course those programs have their place. One of the drawbacks of these two programs is that their redemption charts are mileage based. This means that an award ticket from Sydney to Perth requires far more miles than a Sydney to Melbourne ticket. Which makes sense, considering they're called miles.

However, not all loyalty programs work the same way. Some airlines' programs have redemption rates based on regions rather than distance, meaning a domestic Australia award ticket is a domestic Australia award ticket regardless of the distance. And, as anyone based in Australia knows, distance can be a bit of a nightmare!

There are so many offers, bonuses, discounts, redemption rates, status tiers, earning rates and so on that knowing how best to maximise the value in these programs takes a ridiculous amount of research. Luckily, geeks love research!


Helping you get the most mileage out of your miles

At Airfare Geeks, we're embarrassingly passionate about loyalty programs! We offer a complete range of miles and points services from advice on where best to credit your flights to consultations on redeeming miles as well as assistance managing your accounts and helping you hit the status you're after. Based on your travel patterns and needs, we're able to tailor the perfect strategy for you and make sure you get absolutely every last ounce of value available out your miles and points.


Paid memberships

There are many paid membership programs available to travellers and some of them can pay for themselves the first time you use them. We keep up to date on these programs and will make sure you're taking advantage of them whenever it makes sense.