Lufthansa global fares from $1647* in Economy, $3288* in Premium Economy and $6441* in Business Class.

Lufthansa have some fantastic return fares to Europe that can be used to fly right around the world. With stopover options available in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, these are usually among the best value global tickets on the market and start from as little as $1647*!

Why Lufthansa? 

  • Huge list of destinations in Europe

  • Incredible variety of stopover options in 5 continents


Swiss International Air Lines global fares from $1671* in Economy and $6447* in Business Class.

SWISS allow some incredible routings on their fares from Australia to Europe and are a fantastic option for building cost effective multi continent itineraries. With an amazing range of stopover options in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, SWISS fares are incredibly versatile!


  • Huge list of European destinations

  • Fantastic option for itineraries that include South America


Finnair Round The World Fares from $2078* in Economy and $6397* in Business Class.

Finnair have some incredible fares to Europe that can be used to build round the world itineraries. These fares allow multiple stops in each direction in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Why Finnair?

  • Allow stops in both North and South America and include the flight between the two continents

  • All flights on oneworld carriers - great for accruing Qantas points and status credits


Virgin Atlantic RTW sale from just $1506* in Economy, $3835* in Premium Economy or $7700* in Business Class!!!

Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Australia are offering some great value fares to Europe that allow one free stopover in the USA in one direction & Hong Kong in the other. These fares aren't as flexible as some of the other global fares but if they work for your itinerary and you're chasing Velocity points and/or status, the value is fantastic!


Emirates multi-continent fares from $2255*

Emirates have fares that allow stops in Asia, Europe and North America all on one ticket. While not quite as versatile as Swiss, Lufthansa or Finnair fares, they can represent amazing value when they work for your itinerary.

Why Emirates?

  • Their fares allow multiple stops in Asia

  • World beating quality airline

Qantas banner.jpg

Qantas multi-continent fares from $2293* 

Qantas have some amazing fares that can be used to build itineraries visiting either North or South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific all on one ticket. 

Why Qantas?

  • Great for itineraries with with multiple stops in North America or the South Pacific

  • Great way to rack up Qantas Frequent Flyer points and status credits


Cathay Pacific multi-continent fares from $2310*

Cathay Pacific fares allow you to fly into Europe and back from North America or vice versa, with either transits or stopovers in Hong Kong in each direction, using partner airlines to fly passengers across the Atlantic. Using these fares, it's possible to fly around the world, visiting three continents at amazing prices!

Why Cathay Pacific?

  • One stop service into many European and North American destinations

  • Ability to stop in Hong Kong twice


Alliance RTW fares

Need more stops? When your itinerary is more complex, has more stops and requires a more robust option than the above global fares, an alliance Round The World fare is exactly what you're after!

These fares are the big daddies! Based on either the number of total miles flown or the number of continents visited, the possibilities using these fares are truly incredible!