March 8, 2022

What are the Best Payment Methods When Travelling Internationally?

There are many things to consider when planning an overseas trip, but money is arguably the most important. Unfortunately, it’s a topic that confuses many travellers. 

For starters, it can be difficult to decide whether to pay with cash, credit card, travel money card, or another payment method. On top of that, it can also be a hassle to swap your Aussie dollars for local currency or notify your bank that you’re heading overseas.

However, paying for things when you’re abroad doesn’t have to be complicated. Below, we’ll share the best payment options for international travel so you can take the stress out of your next trip.


You know the saying: cash is king. This is particularly true in countries like Indonesia, South Africa, and Vietnam, where it’s often difficult to pay with cards. Before you leave for your trip, it’s a good idea to exchange a few Australian dollars for the currency of your destination because airports typically have poor exchange rates.

On the other hand, there are a couple of caveats about travelling with cash. First, make sure that you’re smart about how you carry cash in foreign countries. If you’re out and about, it’s best to leave some cash in a safe at your hotel. If that’s not an option, make sure that your cash is close to your body in a special bag or money belt.

Also, even though cash is still widely accepted in most places, you should be aware that some places have gone cashless since the pandemic began. If that’s the case, you should be prepared to use a digital payment method (like a credit card or prepaid travel card).

Credit Cards

When you’re going to a country where cards are widely accepted (like the United States), then it’s fine to pay with a credit card during your trip. However, this is only true if your card has no foreign transaction fees. Otherwise, you’re better off paying with cash or a prepaid travel card with no fees.

Paying with a credit card while travelling is a fantastic way to rack up points and miles. Depending on your spending habits and credit card strategy, you could even cover some of your flights or accommodation with the points you accrue during your trip. Plus, many credit cards include some type of travel insurance, which can be useful if your trip is interrupted or delayed.

Prepaid Travel Cards

Finally, prepaid travel money cards offer a safer alternative to your everyday debit card. Many travel-specific cards won’t charge you for foreign ATM withdrawals, foreign transactions, or currency conversions, which isn’t usually the case with regular bank cards.

With a travel card, you can load a certain amount of money and lock in an exchange rate. That way, if your card goes missing, you don’t have to worry about your entire bank account being accessed. In many ways, they’re a modern version of travellers’ cheques.

If you aren’t sure which payment methods are best at your destination, reach out to the team at Airfare Geeks today. We’re experts in round-the-world flights and international travel and can help you plan the ultimate stress-free holiday or business trip.

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