Who are the Airfare Geeks?

Airfare Geeks offers all the usual products and services of a regular travel agency and specialises in the complicated. The harder the itinerary, the happier we are.

Between the eight of us we have about a century of experience in the travel industry as travel agents, working in air travel systems and as airfare experts & trainers and have collectively visited well over 100 countries and flown more miles than you could ever walk. Ever.

The Airfare Geeks


0405 971 217      dave@airfaregeeks.com.au

Dave has worked for some of the largest travel companies in Australia as a senior travel consultant, product leader and operations manager across several brands. He loves finding creative ways of constructing tricky itineraries and squeezing extra value out of airfares.


0406 080 107      gus@airfaregeeks.com.au

Along with his experience as a travel consultant Gus has also worked as an airfare / product expert and in travel IT systems support. He writes about travel deals for boardingarea.com and has spent the bulk of his early thirties searching for award space. 


0401 533 838      deryk@airfaregeeks.com.au

Deryk has managed several travel agencies and has also worked at top restaurants and hotels around the world as a chef. He loves his photography, food, golf and travel. Which all go together quite nicely and enable him to give his clients some amazing recommendations and insider tips.



Mark has managed multiple travel agencies in Australia and Canada and has also worked as a product manager and airfare expert. He likes a challenge and constructing tricky itineraries gets this handsome devil out of bed in the morning. He's also Airfare Geeks' ski and safari guru.



Melanie has been in the travel industry for 10 years, managing an agency in Sydney's East. During this time she's travelled the world, visiting 52 countries and 6 continents. Her passion is exploring the Americas and considers Mexico her spiritual motherland. During her time in Mexico she has learnt to surf, speak Spanish, cook the cuisine and Latin dance. 


0411 368 414      simon@airfaregeeks.com.au

Simon has been in the travel industry for 10 years and managed multiple agencies across Australia and South Africa. Being South African (don't hold it against him), he has travelled extensively around Africa and gets excited when he gets the opportunity to help customers experience the "Motherland" as he likes to call it. 


0466 835 866      mike@airfaregeeks.com.au

Michael has been in the travel industry for over 10 years, managing travel agencies in Sydney's East and the Sutherland Shire. He's originally from Los Angeles and has bucked the Yank trend and has traveled extensively, visiting over 40 countries. Known as the Airfare Guru, he's an encyclopedia of airline routing and a master of constructing amazing and unique holiday itineraries. His specialty destinations include (of course) the USA as well as Japan, Iceland & Italy. In his free time he loves fishing, riding motorbikes and taking his family on holiday.


0417 790 517      christina@airfaregeeks.com.au

Christina managed one of the top travel agencies in the country in Sydney's west and has been in the industry for 12 years. She is passionate about adventure travel and is dedicated to creating the perfect trip for every customer.

At Airfare Geeks, we're committed to ensuring every traveller we speak to gets the holiday of their dreams and then some. Our consultative approach to booking travel combined with our expertise means you're in the safest of hands. And the biggest of hands if you're booking with Mark or Dave. They are large men.