Why book With Airfare Geeks?

At Airfare Geeks, we're passionate about travel. A small, unique group of travel experts have come together to make better value travel options accessible to everyone. We honestly believe that when it comes to complicated itineraries, we are the best in the industry!


Every one of our team members has more than 10 years’ experience in the travel Industry. We have worked for large international travel companies in Australia and overseas, as both airfare trainers and travel agency managers. So, when it comes to understanding travel, constructing airfares and finding unique travel solutions, we are the experts! 

After many years of teaching travel agents how to create complex itineraries, we've decided to leave the classroom to pass on our knowledge to you directly. 

We have visited more than 100 countries, flown with more than 70 different airlines and experienced over 20 airlines' premium cabins. Our least experienced consultant has travelled to 33 countries, consulted in three agencies & worked in product support for three global brands, so you know everyone you speak to at Airfare Geeks knows what they are talking about! 

We're open later so you can book your holiday when you're available

Our office in Botany in Sydney is always open 9am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm on Saturdays. We know how hard it is to get stuff done around your work so we stay open longer. If the only time you are free to chat is outside of our standard opening hours, that's no problem, we can work around you. Just schedule an appointment at a time that suits you and we'll be ready to take your call.

We care about the destination as well as the journey

With 100+ countries visited and over 9 years spent travelling in foreign countries we know the ins and out of destinations. There's a good chance we've been where you want to go and we're always happy to give you pointers around the things you don’t want to miss out on while you're there.

At Airfare Geeks we take care of your entire holiday and recommend options about what you should do when you get to your destination. We have contracts with multiple accommodation wholesalers, all major tour companies, cruise companies and car hire specialists. 
If you want to book an airport lounge in Singapore, a day tour in Los Angeles, a hotel in Hawaii or hire a car and drive across Africa, we have it covered.

We are all about value

The Geeks are about adding value in everything we do. We specialise in the complicated so we can always add value by getting you better options for less and save you time. We know that value isn't just about cheap, it's about making sure that your money works harder for you on the right destinations, hotels and airlines that best suit your needs.

At Airfare Geeks we'll always make recommendations that suit your budget and match your wants and needs. If we can’t add value to your holiday, we'll let you know where you can book it to find the value you deserve.

24hr emergency customer assistance

When you book with Airfare Geeks, you have access to a dedicated expert that can be available 24hrs a day when you're overseas. You have the peace of mind to know that someone is there to help in an emergency. 

Service Guarantee

At Airfare Geeks, our repeat customers know how we do business. No matter what happens out there in the world, we're always here to help. For new customers out there who need bona fides, we guarantee:

Same day response

At Airfare Geeks, we value our customers above all else. Nothing is more frustrating than having to try too hard to give someone your business. At Airfare Geeks, you won’t ever have to chase us for a response. We guarantee that any enquiry we receive between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday we will get back to on the same business day. Some itineraries are very detailed and cannot be completed in one day, in these cases we'll start working on detailed enquires that day and keep you informed the whole way through the process.   

You will receive your plane tickets within 2 business days of cleared funds being received

Travel is one of those weird things where you give away your hard earned money and often all you get back is a receipt, then wait 6 months for your trip to begin. At Airfare Geeks, we make sure you have your plane tickets within 2 business days of your payment being cleared in our account. That way you'll have the peace of mind that everything is ready to go and can start getting excited about the adventure ahead. Where possible we will also endeavour to get your accommodation documents ready within 48hrs. 
Tour documents are not released until approximately 4 weeks prior to departure. As soon as they're ready we'll arrange to go through them with you and if that is not possible, we'll have them delivered to you. 

We will always discuss seating options with you

It's a long way from Australia to anywhere and having a window to lean on or an aisle to stretch into can make a massive difference to your comfort and how you feel when you arrive. We're not saying your seats will be free (many airlines, even the premium carriers, charge for preferred seating reservations), we're saying we guarantee we'll discuss your seating options with you. That way you know how you can pre-purchase your seats, when you can book your seats free of charge and what airlines have more comfortable seating options so you can sit back and relax on your journey.

Frequent flyer options will always be discussed with you

Frequent flyer programs are important to many people and if managed properly can be a great way to get extra value out of your chosen airline alliance. We will always discuss your frequent flyer options with you for each itinerary and make recommendations when requested. If you need help with any frequent flyer needs or need help joining up to the right loyalty program, we'll always happily have a chat and work with you to maximise your frequent flyer points and status and get you on the track to free flights and upgrades.

The service doesn’t stop with payment

At Airfare Geeks we guarantee that the same standard of service continues from the moment you enquire until the moment you return home. Too often in sales, as soon as the money has changed hands all the promises fade away. At Airfare Geeks, we're a boutique agency based on repeat and referral business. 

We will answer all your questions and help you with all your needs the whole way through your travel, just the same way we did when you first called.