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We want you to be confident that the support and assistance you receive is unparalleled. You don't need to take our word for it, just read our reviews. Airfare Geeks will take care of you from the day you enquire until the moment you arrive back home.

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With Airfare Geeks you can expect the highest level of customer service. You will always have direct access to your expert consultant and assistance from the entire team of Geeks.

Travel Know How

Between the consultants at Airfare Geeks, we have visited over 110 countries, flown with over 80 different airlines and have over 100 years of combined travel industry experience.

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Please note that due to Covid-19, some routes, routing options, cabin options and pricing have been affected and may not be up to date on this page.

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Airfare Geeks

At Airfare Geeks, our name truly reflects who we are. As a specialist travel agency, we design unique international travel experiences for our clients, focusing on round-the-world flights and affordable multi-city flights. We love helping people explore the world.

We’re experts in international travel and work with all groups of customers, including holiday-makers and business travellers. Whether you want the best flight deals, a luxury travel experience, or a combination of both, it’s our job to make it happen - stress-free and catered to you.

Why You Should Consider Round-the-World Travel

Travelling the globe on a round-the-world ticket is an unforgettable experience. Explore dozens of global cities and cultures in a single trip, and be completely in control of where you go and how long you stay.

Although your experience is the top priority, a round-the-world itinerary can also benefit your wallet. Flying to multiple destinations in a bundled package is far more economical than purchasing individual tickets, especially if you book through a well-connected travel agency like Airfare Geeks.

Round-the-world travel is a great option for all, including first-time and veteran global explorers. It’s particularly good for business travellers who need to hop around to multiple global locations; it’s also a fabulous choice for recent retirees or honeymooners who want to celebrate their new phase in life.

Start Your Multi-City Flight Search

Whether you’re looking for multi-city flights from Melbourne, round-the-world airfares from Sydney, or multi-city flights from Brisbane, Airfare Geeks have you covered. As avid travellers ourselves, we combine decades of industry experience with personalised and professional service to craft unique itineraries for every client.

When you book a round-the-world trip with Airfare Geeks, all you need to worry about is where to go. From there, we’ll plan your itinerary and reserve your flights, so you can sit back and enjoy the journey.

If you need accommodation or activity recommendations for your trip, our travel experts are happy to provide those as well. For added peace of mind, we also have a 24/7 emergency assistance line where you can reach us at any time.

Get started by exploring our current deals, building your own multi-stop itinerary, or learning more about Airfare Geeks.
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