December 18, 2023

Affordable Airfare Options to Europe with a Bali Stopover

Bali is an extremely popular holiday destination for Australians. However, adding a stopover in Bali on your way to or from Europe can be a little challenging. Unlike major Asian stopover points like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, Bali is not a significant airline hub. Therefore, airfare choices that include Bali as a stopover option are somewhat limited, but they do exist.

Several airlines offer the option of a Bali stopover on their fares to Europe, with options including Turkish Airlines, KLM, and Emirates.

As of current pricing, Emirates offers the most competitive rates in Economy Class, while Turkish Airlines provides the best value for Business Class fares.

In the case of an Emirates Economy Class fare to Europe, which includes a stopover in Bali on your return journey to Australia, you can complete your entire journey to Europe via Dubai, then return from Europe to Bali via Dubai with Emirates, and finally make your way back to Australia with Qantas from Bali.

For example, you can fly from Sydney to London with Emirates, then from Dublin to Bali with Emirates, and finally, return from Bali to Sydney with Qantas. At the lowest fare level, this itinerary starts at just $2196.00 per person, including taxes (as at November 1, 2023).

Emirates is known for its excellent service and offers fantastic additional stopover options such as in Dubai or Singapore. They also have an extensive network in Europe, providing direct travel access to a wide range of European destinations.

In Business Class, Emirates offers competitive airfares that include a stop in Bali, starting at approximately $10,400.00 per person for the same itinerary as above.

However, if you’re looking for more budget-friendly Business Class fares to Europe with a Bali stopover, Turkish Airlines is a compelling option. For the same itinerary, Sydney to London, Dublin to Bali, and Bali to Sydney, flying with Turkish Airlines and Qantas, Business Class fares start at just $7,498.00, including taxes.

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