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Delta Air Lines offers exceptional value with its multi-stop airfares to North and South America due to their mileage-based fares. Unlike specific routing based fares, Delta’s fares to South America are based on a maximum permitted mileage, providing travellers with unparalleled flexibility. This approach opens up a vast array of stopover possibilities within the USA on the way to South or Central America. Not only can passengers explore Delta’s major hubs like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York, they can also choose virtually any destination across the country for their stopovers.


Whether it’s the glittering lights of Las Vegas, the music scene in Nashville, the vibrant culture of Austin, the tropical paradise of the Hawaiian Islands, the jazz-infused streets of New Orleans, or the outdoor adventures of Aspen and Jackson Hole, Delta’s mileage-based multi-stop fares empower travellers to create truly customised itineraries.


The Product/The Seat


Delta Air Lines Business Class, known as Delta One, takes luxury travel to the next level with its innovative Delta One Suites. These private, enclosed suites offer travelers unparalleled comfort and privacy. Each suite features a fully flat-bed seat with direct aisle access, a large entertainment screen, and personal stowage space. Passengers can enjoy chef-curated menus, premium wines, and attentive service. Delta One passengers also have access to exclusive airport lounges and priority services. With the Delta One Suites, Delta Air Lines provides a top-tier, intimate travel experience, making it a preferred choice for those seeking the ultimate in-flight luxury.



The Hubs/Options


Delta Air Lines operates major hubs in Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York City (JFK and LaGuardia), Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. These hubs facilitate extensive domestic and international connections. Delta’s diverse fleet includes Airbus, Boeing, and regional aircraft, equipped with modern amenities like Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment.


Delta Air Lines offers remarkable flexibility in its fares to South and Central America. Passengers can incorporate stopovers in numerous U.S. cities, not limited to hubs, enabling diverse exploration. Furthermore, Delta’s partnerships with carriers like LATAM and Aerolineas Argentinas allow for additional stopovers within South and Central America, for example stopping in Cancun on the way to Lima or in Bogota on the way to Buenos Aires. This extensive stopover network empowers travellers to create customised itineraries, making Delta an exceptional choice for those seeking a rich and varied travel experience throughout the Americas.



Frequent Flyer options


Delta Air Lines offers a Status Match program that allows elite members of other airlines to enjoy equivalent privileges within Delta’s SkyMiles program. By matching their existing status, travelers can access benefits like priority boarding, lounge access, and enhanced baggage allowances. This initiative demonstrates Delta’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding customer loyalty while making it easier for elite status travelers to transition to the SkyMiles program and enjoy a seamless and premium travel experience.






Australia to Atlanta, Bogota to Australia flying with Delta Air Lines Atlanta, Bogota Business $12,996.00
Australia to Miami, Sao Paulo, Lima to Australia Flying with Delta Air Lines Miami, Sao Paulo, Lima Business $12,938.00
Australia, New York, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas to Australia Flying with Delta Air Lines New York, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas Business $13,751.00
Australia to Los Angeles to Lima to New York to Australia Flying with Delta Air Lines Los Angeles, Lima, New York Business $12,942.00
Australia to New Orleans to Santiago to Los Angeles to Australia Flying with Delta Air Lines New Orleans, Santiago,Los Angeles Business $12,947.00
Australia to Jackson Hole, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles to Australia Flying with Delta Air Lines Jackson Hole, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles Business $13,011.00


All airfares displayed above are listed with a starting price, and these prices are regularly reviewed on a monthly basis. Each airfare comes with its unique set of conditions, including minimum stay requirements, advance purchase conditions, and specific terms and conditions. The examples provided below offer an overview of the possibilities available.

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