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Japan Airlines (JAL) multi-stop airfares to North America are exceptional due to their flexibility and unique features. Passengers can include multiple stops within North America, providing an opportunity to explore diverse destinations. What sets JAL apart is the option to stopover in Tokyo, one of Asia’s most vibrant cities, in one or both directions. This allows travellers to experience the rich culture and culinary delights of Japan while seamlessly connecting to North American cities. JAL’s commitment to passenger convenience and the chance to blend a taste of Japan with North American adventures makes their multi-stop airfares an attractive choice for travellers seeking diverse and enriching adventures.


The Product/The Seat


Japan Airlines (JAL) Business Class offers a top-tier travel experience with spacious seats that convert into fully flat beds, ensuring passenger comfort on long-haul flights. Travellers can enjoy a range of amenities, including gourmet dining, extensive entertainment options, and attentive service. JAL’s commitment to passenger well-being extends to their luxurious lounges and priority services, making their Business Class an excellent choice for those seeking a premium travel experience.


The Hubs/Options


Japan Airlines’ hub in Tokyo serves as an amazing stopover destination on the way to or from North America. JAL connects passengers directly from Tokyo to major U.S. cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. Their fleet features modern Boeing and Airbus aircraft, equipped with advanced amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey.


Japan Airlines (JAL) airfares to North America stand out for their flexibility, allowing multiple stopovers based on maximum permitted mileage fares. Travellers can explore major hubs like Los Angeles and New York, but what truly sets JAL apart is the extensive variety of other U.S. destinations available for stopovers. From vibrant cities to scenic wonders, JAL’s fare structure enables passengers to create personalised itineraries, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking to explore not only the major urban centres but also the lesser-known gems across the United States.



Frequent Flyer options


Japan Airlines, as well as their partner in the USA, American Airlines, are full members of the oneworld Alliance. This means that a multi-stop business class airfare with JAL can earn a huge haul of Qantas Frequent Flyer points and Status Credits. This makes Japan Airlines a fantastic option for Australian travellers chasing down a shiny Gold or Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyer card!







Australia to New York to Los Angeles to Tokyo Flying with Japan Airlines New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo Business $8,337.00
Australia to New York to Seatle to Tokyo Australia flying with Japan Airlines New York to Seatle to Tokyo Business $8,222.00
Australia Dallas to Cancun to New York to Australia flying with Japan Airlines Dallas, Cancun, New York Business $8,693.00
Australia to Vancouver to Los Angeles to Australia flying with Japan Airlines Vancover to Los Angeles Business $7,958.00
Australia to Los Cabos, to Dallas to Tokyo to Australia flying with Japan Airlines Los Cabos, to Dallas to Tokyo Business $9,213.00
Australia to Singapore to New York to Los Angeles to Tokyo Australia flying with Japan Airlines Singapore, New York, Los Angeles Tokyo Business $8,516.00


All airfares displayed above are listed with a starting price, and these prices are regularly reviewed on a monthly basis. Each airfare comes with its unique set of conditions, including minimum stay requirements, advance purchase conditions, and specific terms and conditions. The examples provided below offer an overview of the possibilities available.

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