April 20, 2019

Double Status Credits Promotion With Velocity

Velocity is currently running a double status credits promotion for bookings made until the 27th of May 2019. There are some restrictions, most notably that flights to or from Hong Kong or Los Angeles are excluded, but there are some great opportunities to hit Gold or Platinum status for a relatively low cost.

The main points to keep in mind in order to take advantage of this promotion are:

  • You must register through this link before booking your tickets: CLICK HERE

  • You need to book your tickets by the 27th of May 2019.

  • All travel must be completed by the 14th of April 2020.

  • Only domestic and short-haul international Virgin Australia operated and marketed flights are eligible.

  • Your Velocity number needs to be added to your reservation at the time of booking.

In order to qualify for Gold status with Velocity, you need to satisfy the below within a 12 month period:

  • 500 status credits.

  • At least 4 eligible Virgin Australia flight segments.

In order to qualify for Platinum status with Velocity, you need to satisfy the below within a 12 month period:

  • 1000 status credits.

  • At least 8 eligible Virgin Australia flight segments.

This is assuming that you don’t already have Gold or Platinum status with Velocity as the status credits required to maintain elite levels are lower, at 400 and 800 respectively.

During the current promotion, the best opportunities to maximise status credits are with airfares that allow multiple legs. As Virgin Australia fly to several destinations in the South Pacific via Auckland and the fares to these destinations also allow a domestic connection on the way to Auckland, these fares work particularly well.

For example, a return ticket from Sydney to Rarotonga, allows routing via Melbourne and Auckland, meaning 6 Virgin segments in total on a return ticket. In business class, the lowest fare for this itinerary is currently $2193.00 including taxes and $989.00 in economy. Due to the massive difference in status credits earned between the lowest fare level in economy and the lowest fare in business class, if the idea is to maximise status credits earned per dollar spent, the value is significantly better in business class.

A return business class ticket from Sydney to Rarotonga will earn the below status credits:

Sydney to Melbourne each way: 50

Melbourne to Auckland each way: 80

Auckland to Rarotonga each way: 100

Total for a return ticket: 460

During the double status credit promotion: 920

If the idea is to get to Platinum status, this takes care of 920 status credits and 6 eligible segments. So, from here all that is requires is 80 status credits and 2 segments. The most cost-effective way of achieving this is just a return domestic economy ticket to somewhere at least 750 miles away and booking it in an Elevate booking class.

A good example would be Sydney to Hamilton Island, which is 949 miles in each direction. The lowest Elevate fare level is booked in Q class and return tickets start at $460.00 including taxes.

So, even if you haven’t flown with Virgin Australia or any of their partners in the past year, during this promotion it’s possible to get to Platinum status with Velocity from two trips spending just $2653.

If Rarotonga and Hamilton Island aren’t the right destinations for you, there are plenty of ways to maximise this promotion.

To see the full terms and conditions for this promotion, you can visit the Velocity website here: CLICK HERE

Looking to reach elite status with Velocity? Please contact the Airfare Geeks team on (02) 9188 7823 or at enquiry@airfaregeeks.com.au and one of our consultants will be very happy to help!

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