September 20, 2019

Best Ways To Use Qantas Frequent Flyer Miles Part 2: Emirates Trans Tasman Business Class

Today I’m discussing a subject that excites me immensely. Using points to fly return to Auckland with Emirates Airlines in business class. This is a very fun way to spend 72,000 Qantas points!

I don’t fly enough to accrue large amounts of points but when I started earning miles through credit card sign up bonuses, I found myself with a large stash in a short amount of time. I started researching different ways to use my points and this is definitely in my top 3.

If you live in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne you have the opportunity to fly direct to Auckland on the Emirates A380. This beautiful aircraft is equipped with 14 private first-class suites, 76 flatbed business class seats and 399 economy seats. The upper deck of the A380 is 100% dedicated to first and business class guests.

If food is your thing, you won’t be left unsatisfied with Emirates’ blend of local and Middle Eastern cuisines. Their food is absolutely beautiful and prepared perfectly. Choose a drink from your personal mini-bar and sit back and enjoy award-winning entertainment on your personal screen. If you feel like a nap, just recline your seat into a fully flatbed topped with a comfy mattress.

Another feature of this aircraft is the fully equipped bar at the rear of the upper deck. This little gem is just for first and business class passengers and it’s a perfect place to kill a few hours on your way to Auckland. It’s a good spot to spend time with your travelling companion or mingle with the other guests. The bar is fully stocked with premium wines, beers, spirits and most importantly, cocktails!

Before the on-board experience begins, make sure you check-in early so you can enjoy some time in their new business class lounge. For someone that doesn’t get to fly in business class every day, this is a great way to prolong the experience. The three cities all now have their own dedicated business class lounges. The ‘gourmet buffet’ selection offers hot and cold dishes that will satisfy even the fussiest eater.

A quick side note for Qantas Frequent Flyers holding either Gold or Platinum status, you’ll also be able to use the new Emirates lounges, provided you’re booked onto an Emirates or Qantas flight. The same goes if you’re flying in first or business class with Qantas.

Booking Emirates Business Class Across The Ditch

So, booking a return business class flight from Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to Auckland comes to 72,000 points + tax.

When I calculated the CPM value based on a number of dates I checked, it worked out at an average of about 0.019 cents per mile which, when compared to upgrading domestically (which can be as high as 0.6c per mile) doesn’t look great. The real value in using your points this way though comes from the ability to enjoy a premium experience for a completely realistic amount of Qantas miles. Australia is so far away from Asia and the Americas, so booking a trip on an aircraft of this quality would usually cost you hundreds of thousands of points.

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