January 17, 2024

The Long Way Round In Finnair Business Class

Finnair have some of the best value airfares for constructing round-the-world itineraries and for a long time have been the go-to RTW choice for those chasing Qantas and Oneworld status. As a full member of the Oneworld Alliance, their airfares utilise partners such as Qantas, Japan Airlines, Malaysian Airlines & Cathay Pacific so you can earn a huge pile of Qantas points and Status Credits flying around the world using their airfares.

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Generally when constructing an itinerary that takes in Asia, Europe and the USA, it makes sense to continue flying either east or west the whole way around the world (round the world itinerary). However, one of the interesting fares that Finnair offers is a return to the USA via Asia and Europe both ways. This means that while there won’t be a flight across the Pacific Ocean, there is lots of time in the air, which means more Status Credits(!!), and the fares are currently much less costly than a traditional round-the-world flight path using Finnair.

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The main restriction of this order of travel is that the only destination in Europe that can be visited without additional tickets is Helsinki. Of course, it’s often relatively easy and inexpensive to add flights within Europe.

Below are some examples of itinerary possibilities using these fares.

Sydney to Singapore to New York (via Helsinki), back to Helsinki and then back to Sydney (via Singapore) – Business Class from $7821 including taxes.

Melbourne to Delhi, to Los Angeles (via Helsinki), back to Helsinki and then back to Melbourne (via Singapore) – Business Class from $7683 including taxes

Perth to Helsinki (via Singapore), to Chicago, to Hong Kong (via Helsinki), to Perth – Business Class from $7952 including taxes

Finnair’s A350-900 aircraft come equipped with the airline’s latest and highly acclaimed Business Class product. Featuring Finnair’s AirLounge seat, the new A350s offer a remarkable sense of personal space and privacy. The absence of overhead bins, known as “cathedral ceilings” in the centre of the business class cabin contributes to an airy and spacious overall ambience.

The standard configuration of Finnair’s Business Class cabin remains 1-2-1 across their long-haul fleet of a350 and a330 aircraft, providing excellent options for both couples and singles.

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