February 21, 2024

Unique options to maximise the Qantas Double Status Credits Promotion

From the 21st to the 27th of February 2024, Qantas are running a double Status Credits promotion!

The first thing that you need to do in order to take advantage of this offer is to log into the Qantas app and register for the promotion. This is really important and if you forget to register, then any flights booked during the promotional period will only accrue the normal number of Status Credits.

When you register for this promotion, you will be given the option of earning either double Status Credits or double points, so if you are chasing status with Qantas Frequent Flyer, make sure you check the double Status Credits box!

Double Status Credits will be earned on Qantas operated and marketed flights that are booked between the 21st and 27th of February 2024 for travel between the 28th of February 2024 and the 14th of February 2025. This means that the flights booked need to have a QF flight number and also actually be operated by a Qantas aircraft. So for example a QF flight number on an Emirates operated flight wouldn’t count and neither would an EK flight number on a Qantas operated flight. The exceptions to this rule are the Qantas flights between Sydney and Singapore / Bangkok, that are operated by wet-leased Finnair aircraft. These services, provided they are booked on the QF flight numbers, will be eligible for double Status Credits.

One important thing to note when trying to maximise your earning from this promotion, is that the flights do not need to be booked on a Qantas ticket. So, if you book a Finnair or Lufthansa or Turkish Airlines ticket that includes Qantas operated and marketed flights, the Qantas flights on those tickets will still earn double Status Credits. This can often be a more cost effective way of maximising the dollars per Status Credit equation on these promotions. It can also make a lot of sense to add unnecessary domestic flights when using airfares that allow it, for example flying from Sydney to Perth to Singapore rather than just flying straight from Sydney to Singapore.

In that example, Sydney to Singapore direct in Discount Business, will usually earn 120 Status Credits whereas Sydney to Perth to Singapore in Discount Business will earn 180 status credits. So there is an additional 60 SCs, meaning during the promotion that transit in Perth will earn you an additional 120 Status Credits. If you do that in both directions between Sydney and Singapore, you will earn 720 Status Credits instead of 480 if you just fly direct both ways!

When it comes to maximising this promotion for round the world itineraries there are some sensational opportunities! For example, using a Finnair Business Class airfare, you can fly Sydney to Dallas with Qantas, Dallas to Stockholm via Helsinki with Finnair, Stockholm to Singapore via Helsinki with Finnair and then Singapore back to Sydney with Qantas and at the lowest fare level, this will cost $8984.00 and will earn 900 status credits during the promotion!

Or, if you want to go all out, you could go from absolute zero to Platinum status in one trip, using a Oneworld Business Class round the world airfare. If you fly Sydney to Melbourne to Auckland to New York with Qantas, then New York to Rome with American Airlines and then Rome to Perth to Sydney with Qantas, the total price starts from $13,534.00 and this itinerary will earn 1400 Status Credits and will also include the four Qantas sectors required to obtain Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum!

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