June 14, 2023

United Airlines: United App Review

Potentially the most forward-thinking in their technologies is United Airlines. For those who are invested in tech and aviation, having this app on your phone while taking a round the world flight is a must. 

Planning a round-the-world trip is all about being organised and staying organised throughout your travels, so having an app that can assist with this is perfect for those flying regularly. Depending on who you choose to fly with for your RTW trip, if you’re turning your stopover into a bonus holiday in America, it will most likely be with United Airlines. 

Round the World Flight Technology 

Today, we’re taking a look into the United Airlines App. This app was originally released in 2013 to promote a more personalised and seamless customer experience. However, since then, the app has gone through numerous updates and will continue to be updated in future. Its most recent update has the most significant effect on customers during their round the world flights. 

App Features

The app is home to a wide range of features built upon continuously since its inception. Features begin to assist customers travelling around the world with pre-boarding, inflight information and post-flight procedures. Listed below is the range of features that the United Airlines app provides. 

Plan Your Trip 

If you’re an avid United Airlines fan and are looking to book a trip solely with them, this app lets you do all of it from the palm of your hand. While United Airlines doesn’t offer a round the world trip, this feature is great for those who travel for business regularly and those who want to plan ahead for each leg of their round the world flight. 


To ensure you remain organised for your round the world flight, you want to be on time and prepared for your trip. The United Airlines app is a great helping hand, allowing you to check in. When you check in, you’ll be given your boarding pass, can pay for your bags ahead of time and even be given an airport terminal guide. With your boarding pass being easily added to your Apple Wallet, you’ll have all of the information you need ready to go. 

Manage Your Trip

Potentially one of the more considerable perks of the United Airlines app is the ability to manage your trip but, more so, change seats. During a round the world trip, we’ve all been stuck in a middle seat and have had envy of either an aisle or window seat, so having the ability to swap seats is a game changer. While this is only an option for certain round the world flights that have room to do so, it’s a great perk. 

Bag Tracking 

If you’ve ever had that gut-sinking feeling of your bags not turning up, you’ll know the stress and frustration it can cause at the start or end of your holiday. United Airlines has combated this and provides bag tracking through the app. With instantaneous updates, you’ll be notified when your bag has been loaded onto the plane, unloaded and when it’s arrived at baggage claim. If your bags do get lost, this feature makes it easy to figure out where they’ve gone missing on the journey. 

Get Help 

Being puzzled with questions when you’re on the way through a multi-city trip isn’t ideal, so United Airlines have included a ‘get help’ section in the app. You can choose to text, talk or video chat with an agent. Providing customers with a wide range of information for specific needs. 

Stay Entertained 

If you’re travelling with kids on your round the world flight, you’ll know that keeping them entertained can be key to a smooth, round the world trip. The United Airlines app offers a range of movies and games; you can even pay for your inflight snacks and drinks while in flight. The app even contains a flight simulator where little ones (and parents) can test their flying skills. 

Most Recent Update

As with the nature of having an app, United Airlines will continue to bring out updates to stay updated with technology. With this, the most recent and exciting update is the feature of live updates for the iPhone. This update tells you where your flight is on its flight path and the estimated time to your destination on your round the world trip, all while your phone is locked. 

The app will show real-time status updates on your lock screen. Additionally, those with an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max enjoy seamless access to their flight status, which is nestled at the top of the screen. 

Not only is this great for those in flight, but if you’re having friends or family pick you up from the airport and those at home seeing where you are during your round the world trip. 

Accessibility And Exclusivity

Unlike the United Polaris Lounge, the United Airlines app is totally free to download. Making it easy and accessible for everyone during a round the world flight.

While United Airlines is also at the forefront of technology, they also worked with Ray Cambell, a senior accessibility analyst. Campbell himself is legally blind. Three years ago, United Airlines worked with Cambell to provide updates to the app that make it more accessible for those with vision impairments; Campbell went through various trials and testing to ensure ease of use for everyone during their round the world flights. 

Overall Thoughts

The app is a great use of technology and perfect to use when taking round the world and multi-city flights. With its seamless use and intuitive technology, using the app when travelling is simple. The most recent update is by far the most impactful, making round the world flights easy to view. 

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