August 30, 2022

3 Key Considerations: What to Wear on a Long Haul Flight

As Australians, we love travelling and exploring the rest of the world. However, being a little isolated from so many major holiday destinations means we have to suffer through some pretty arduous long-haul flights. Let’s face it, if there was another way to get to your destination without spending 24 hours or more on planes, you’d take it. 

Still, it is what it is, and if you want to continue enjoying the sights of the world, you’ll need to take a long flight every now and again. Here are some tips on what to wear so that you can at least be comfortable while travelling. 

Comfort is Everything

Basically, the key thing here is comfort. Long flights can be a nightmare at the best of times, so you don’t need to make it worse by dressing in restrictive, uncomfortable clothes. We can’t stress enough that fashion should be the least of your concerns for a long flight. More comfortable in some daggy track pants? Choose the track pants! 

People don’t care what you look like (generally speaking). But let’s be honest, you’re travelling the world and aren’t likely to see your fellow passengers again. Loose-fitting t-shirts, pants with stretch and comfy footwear are great options for a long flight. It’s so much better to be cosy and get the rest you need, rather than worrying about your style. 

Temperature Control

The big difficulty with travelling is that a long-haul flight could take you to a totally different climate. You might be leaving a warm climate, so you choose something easy like shorts and a tank-top. However, the plane isn’t necessarily that warm, and neither is your destination. 

Still, you can use blankets or a jacket of some sort to stay warm on your flight, and this might be a better option than wearing lots of layers. Remember that layers, while warm, can also restrict your movement and be less comfortable. 

Decide what’s easier – removing clothes to cool down or adding a layer if you get cold. Also, don’t forget the weather at your destination. If it’s different from the place you flew from, make sure you’re prepared with some bag space to stash your extra layers if it’s hot or some extra layers to quickly throw on if it’s cold. 

Compression Socks

One specific item you should definitely invest in is a pair of compression socks – and there are now more stylish options than the once popular hospital-grade pairs. These socks help to prevent deep-vein-thrombosis, which is a condition that can affect your feet and legs during a long flight. Don’t step onto a long plane flight without them! 

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