December 7, 2022

Airfare Geek’s 8 Insider Tips for Beating the Rising Price of Airfares

Here at Airfare Geeks, we’re aware of the increases in flight prices and the impact this has on your potential travel plans. With the aftermath of Covid for airlines, in addition to the rise in fuel prices, it’s not surprising that airfares have skyrocketed.

It’s been one thing after another, and although it can seem like all hope is lost for that holiday you were planning, Airfare Geeks has come to the rescue with our top tips. Here’s how you can beat the rising price of airfares.


1. Travel outside of peak season

This tip is one that we give to all of our customers when they’re looking to be conscious of their budget. With airfare prices increasing even more so now, it’s important that when you book a RTW trip with Airfare Geeks, you book outside of the busy season. This means staying home around Christmas time, January and the school holidays.

While we get that this can make things a little tricky when trying to manage children in school or wanting to see your family during the holidays, it is ultimately when flights are cheaper.


2. Be flexible with flight times

Ok, we know no one likes jet lag or taking a flight at 11:00 pm. Whilst these flights are annoying, they’re cheaper and can save you a considerable amount in your overall flight costs. So even though flights are more expensive at the moment, chat with your specialised Airfare Geeks travel agents and let us know you’re happy to get up extra early for a flight or stay up later if it means you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet.


3. Reduce your luggage

When trying to reduce costs, oftentimes it’s about looking at what pricing factors you can control – your luggage costs are one of them. Depending on where you go will dictate what you’ll need to take. For example, when you go to a sunshine-filled destination, your luggage is going to weigh a lot less compared to shredding snow caps over the Christmas break.

However, where you can, look at what you actually need and see what you can leave behind. Checked luggage is, unfortunately, another fee that airfares add to your flight cost. Also, when only taking one bag, you don’t have to worry about your luggage not turning up. So, consider packing light with just a carry-on. You’d be surprised as to how little you need and how much you can fit within a small suitcase.


4. Discover how RTW can help your pocket

We’re (obviously) a fan of RTW travel. One of the many reasons? It can actually help your back pocket stay full. When you decide to go on a RTW trip, you’re able to take advantage of stopovers and deals, like bundles on airfare prices that you wouldn’t get on singular trips.

Airfare Geeks always have airfare deals that are constantly changing, giving you different options in locations and prices. Our deals feature a variety of flights that have been bundled together to provide you with the best price. Take a look at what’s on offer now: perhaps an affordable North America, Europe and Asia combination?


5. Consider other destinations

If you’ve got a dream holiday to Europe that you’ve had in mind, you might need to rethink your destination. In general, flights to places like Greece, Dubai and Finland are already expensive, so adding the current climate of flight prices to that, you’re looking at double what you would initially pay.

Here’s the good thing, flight prices aren’t going to stay like this forever. Eventually, you’ll be able to take that trip to Europe. But in the meantime, consider other destinations which are just as gorgeous. Places like Thailand are fantastic – it’s not only a great deal to get there, but it’s also affordable once you are there. Yes, please, to $3 beers. If Thailand isn’t for you, have a look at deals in stunning Portugal, or why not visit the countryside in Italy? The list goes on and on.


6. How are your points looking?

If you’ve been saving up those points for a big trip away, now is the time to use them. Point systems are a great way to save money on flights and even upgrade. Being a Qantas Frequent Flyer or a part of the Oneworld reward system, you have likely earned points that can be used instead of paying cash.


7. If you’re planning on travelling in Europe, go via North America

When we look at flight routes, the availability of flights between Australia and Asia and Asia and Europe has never been harder to come by. This is partly due to Chinese carriers not being in play, so often, the best availability and price for airfares to Europe are found by travelling via North America in both directions. While this adds some travel time, it also gives you a chance to enjoy some incredible stopovers. How about stopping in New York on the way to Paris? And then why not venture to Vancouver on the way back to Australia? Hey, maybe you’ll get that dream trip to Europe after all.


8. Chat with Airfare Geeks

While flights have been rising in price, it’s not all doom and gloom. Airfare Geeks are specialised travel agents and seasoned travellers. Our agents and team will work with you to discover the best round the-world flights and prices that work for you and your budget. In addition to this, as we’re in the industry, we’re able to get an insider look and see what flights are cheaper.


We will give you our insider tips and offer advice to beat the rising costs of airfares. So if you want to book a trip to your dream destination, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

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