September 15, 2022

Plan Your 2023 RTW Trip Around These 6 Must-See World Events

If you’re getting excited about planning a round-the-world holiday in 2023, then there are a few major events that you can plan around. In fact, there are incredible events happening around the world every day. It’s just a matter of knowing where and when so that you can lock those destinations into your travel plans. 

You can tailor your round-the-world flights to coincide with some of the most exciting events on the planet. With some careful planning, you can make 2023 a year to remember after a few years of limited travel opportunities.

Here are our top picks. 

New York City, USA – Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade New York City

In 2023, visitors and New York City locals alike will share in the 97th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This is a massive event, typically broadcast live on TV and forming a big part of the Thanksgiving Day celebrations for many Americans.

Naturally, it is held on Thanksgiving Day each year, which, in 2023, will be November 23rd. Expect to see an incredible array of floats, marching bands, guest appearances and perhaps the highlight of the event, the enormous balloons flying through New York City. 2023 has already earmarked some giant Pokemon balloons, with many more to be announced. 

When: November 23, 2023

Where: New York City, USA 

Thailand – Songkran

Thailand Songkran festival

Songkran is one of the most unique festivals in the world, with the entire country getting involved to celebrate. The idea behind the event is quite spiritual, with the sprinkling of water on loved ones and temples symbolising the washing away of bad luck. Of course, it’s Thailand, it’s hot, and that means water ends up being dished out in more than a sprinkle. 

As the sombre part of the festival concludes, it turns into a huge water party, with water pistols, balloons and even elephants drenching festival participants and passers-by with water. It’s all in good fun, and a great way to beat the heat, which rises well above 35 degrees Celsius. 

Note: You will need to check the restrictions in place, as normal Songkran festivities have been banned during the pandemic. Perhaps 2023 will be the year we see it return. 

When: April 13-15, 2023

Where: Thailand 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Carnaval

Rio Carnival

While we’re on the subject of fun, often colourful festivals, we can’t forget the amazing Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. The streets of this very populous city turn into a fairground for a week in February, with parade floats, loud, colourful costumes, and the customary samba dancing that takes place through the streets. 

Essentially, Carnaval is a huge collection of street parties that end up merging together to create a giant festival atmosphere. Oh, and naturally, there is plenty of amazing food and drink on offer, too. 

When: February 17 – 25, 2023

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Oaxaca, Mexico – Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Okay, we’ve had some pretty lively celebrations on this list so far, so let’s take this to a slightly darker place. For the loves of the dark, mysterious and unknown, the Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico is an event that just can’t be missed. But don’t fear that it might be a bit bleak and miserable; it’s the opposite. 

While Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is about commemorating lost loved ones, it’s also a spectacularly eye-catching spectacle that’s much more of a celebration than commiseration. There are parades and events all over Mexico, but one of the best ones is in Oaxaca, where the region’s unique culture and food are on display for all to enjoy. 

In many ways, it’s the biggest Halloween festival in the world – it just has a deeper meaning than the commercialised version of Halloween we’re used to. 

When: November 2023

Where: Oaxaca, Mexico 

Munich, Germany – Oktoberfest


One of the biggest events in the world for lovers of beer, music and a whole lot of fun. It’s hard to believe that Oktoberfest, one of Germany’s most famous traditions, hasn’t been held since 2019.  We can only assume the 2022 instalment is going to be huge, with locals and travellers alike expected to flock to Munich for these annual celebrations.

Taking place in September and October, you might be a little late for the 2022 festival, but there is plenty of time to schedule a trip for 2023. If you love toasting with large steins of beer, dancing on tables to incredible Bavarian music and eating some of the best food known to man, Oktoberfest is one event you should include in your RTW flights. 

When: September/October 2023

Where: Munich (and across Germany) 

India – ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC World Cup 2023 India

There are always plenty of major sporting events around the world. Take a look at any sporting calendar, and you’ll find it chock-a-block with chances to get amongst the fans and experience something new. However, many of the world’s major sporting events, such as the NFL Superbowl, are one-off events that are difficult to get tickets for.

 But for cricket fans, the ICC World Cup is taking place in India in 2023. It’s a terrific opportunity to explore a new country if you’ve never been, but you’ll also get to experience the hustle and bustle of a cricket-mad country supporting the sport they love. It’s quite an experience, and with so many different matches throughout October and November, you can pick and choose who you go to support. 

When: October and November, 2023

Where: Several venues throughout India 

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