April 3, 2023

What Is The Best Way To Book Multi-City Flight Tickets?

How do you go about booking multi city flights without falling into planning stress or missing a city you’re dying to go to? While a multi city trip sounds like continuous researching and scheduling until you can’t plan anymore, when you work with us, our expert travel geeks take care of everything for you. The Airfare Geeks are here to help.

Planning, organising and booking multi city flights is our jam. It’s what our travel experts live and breathe, so we’ve got all the tips to make your next RTW trip unforgettable.

When Booking A RTW Trip, Why Book Multi City Flights?

You may be thinking, why should I book a multi city trip instead of taking multiple trips to my dream destinations? It’s a question that we get asked all the time. And while you can definitely indulge a trip here or there, booking a trip with multi city flights has so many benefits.


With the recent rise in flight prices, it’s no wonder that budget is on everyone’s mind. While you may think that booking a multi city trip can cost more than a few flights, it’s the opposite. This way of planning and travelling is a cost-effective option – and one that can keep those rising airfare prices at bay.


We could talk about how much value you get from booking a multi city trip all day. Not only do you get to see multiple destinations, but you also get to do it all in one go. Hello, value for money.

You Get A Bit Of Everything

If you’re indecisive or can’t decide on the type of trip, then booking a multi-city airline ticket is for you. You get a bit of everything. With a RTW trip, you can discover numerous cultures around the world and also take that much-needed time to recharge and relax. Make your itinerary fit your wants and needs – as well as those of your travelling company. It’s much less stressful than flying in and out and is the perfect compromise!

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Start With A Plan When Booking Multi City Flights

This is by far our biggest tip. If you’re looking to travel to stunning countries like Tokyo, Lisbon or Bangkok, you’ll want to plan and do a little initial research.

Start With Research

Often you’ll find that when planning a trip, you’ll come across other countries and destinations that make you question your chosen destination. To avoid this, we recommend doing some research beforehand.

This can be anything from chatting with friends about their travels, speaking to travel experts, reading through some travel blogs, and even grabbing a book or two to help give you that jumpstart you need.

Then Make A List

Once you’ve done your research, you want to start putting a list together. Get together with your travel partner and list your top three to five countries you can’t stand to miss.

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How Far In Advance Should You Book Multi City Flights?

Booking multi city flights can take quite a bit of planning, and you usually want to prepare yourself beforehand. Our team recommends booking multi city flights at least six months in advance. That way, you’ve got time to get yourself and your suitcase prepared.

How To Choose An Airline

When you go to start booking multi-destination flights, you’ll have to choose an airline. Here at Airfare Geeks, we work with a variety of partner airlines that give us access to fantastic affordable deals.

Picking your airline will depend on where you want to go and also your budget. Working closely with our preferred airline partners like Lufthansa, Finnair, SWISS and Qantas, our team will help pick the best airline that works for your preferred destinations and budget.

How To Create An Itinerary

If you’ve never created a RTW itinerary before, it can be a little daunting and even stressful. Airfare Geeks is here to take all that stress and worry away. When done right, planning or booking multi city flights is a fun experience that everyone can enjoy.

Pick Your Direction

First off, you’ll want to start by picking your direction. We recommend you choose to either fly east to west or west to east. Changing directions can become costly and counter-productive to your round the world trip.


Flying east to west, while it can be a preferred direction for some, can often be more difficult when trying to avoid jet lag. If you’re planning to fly east, prepare for the potential repercussions and discuss flight timings with your travel geeks.


Fly west, and your body will likely thank you for it (at least in comparison to the opposite direction). It’s easier to avoid jet lag, so you can enjoy arrival days and spend more time seeing the sights and less time recovering.

Pick Your Timing

Once you’ve picked your direction for a multi-city travel booking, you want to choose your timing. This is where you can take into consideration world sporting events that you’ve been dying to see or any other must-experience world dates.

You’ll also want to consider if you prefer a summer-filled holiday or some snow caps to ski your way through this Christmas. Maybe you’re looking for a holiday to lay by the pool and relax, or perhaps you want that sense of adventure. The choices are endless!

What Next?

If you’re struggling with what to do next and need extra help when planning or booking multi city flights, get in touch with Airfare Geeks. Our travel geeks have been (almost) everywhere, and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Why not check out our latest multi-city airfare deals and book the multi city trip of a lifetime?

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